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Cave du Châtenay-Bouvier

Bouvier -Brut




The traditional cellar is managed by Urs Hugi and the responsibility for the vinification is in the hands of the oenologist: Mrs. Janine Schaer.

The cellar cultivates traditions by producing and maturing Chasselas, Œil de Perdrix, Pinot Noir and other specialities, such as Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

From the reception of the harvest to the carnotzet, the cellars, the bottling, the stock and the offices, everything is gathered in one building. This allows the optimisation of daily tasks.

From the founder Samuel Châtenay in 1796 to the present day, Caves Châtenay-Bouvier SA has survived many turbulences. The winegrowers had to find a new clientele, beyond the canton, and the excellence of their products was their best argument. This emphasis on excellence is still relevant today, as evidenced by the numerous cantonal, national and even international awards.

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