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  • DonnaFugata Milleanni, Huile d'olive - Extra Vierge Non millésime 50cl


Milleanni, Huile d'olive - Extra Vierge




Donnafugata was established in Sicily by a family that, thanks to its passion, has been able to innovate the style and perception of Sicilian wine throughout the world.

Giacomo Rallo, the fourth generation of a family with over 170 years of experience in quality wine, founded Donnafugata in 1983 together with his wife Gabriella, a pioneer of viticulture in Sicily. Today, their children José and Antonio lead the company and a team of people focused on excellence.

Olive cultivation on Sicily boasts a millenary tradition. In the landscape robust twisted trunks, centuries old and still productive, stand majestically among young olive trees. Milleanni was born here, among timeless scents and fragrances, while the wind plays among the foliage of one of the many female figures of Donnafugata. A woman - olive tree, symbol of serenity and well-being.


Milleanni  offers an intriguing bouquet, with fruity sensations of medium intensity characterized by herbaceous hints that intertwine with typical scents of artichoke and green tomato on the palate it is soft and persistent with bitter and spicy chasing each other elegantly; notes of dry fruit enhance the balance.

A versatile oil that excels drizzled over meat, fish, even delicate, and vegetable dishes.

DonnaFugata Milleanni, Huile d'olive - Extra Vierge Non millésime 50cl
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