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Aceto di Vino Rosso - vinaigre


Grape Variety

  • Barbera


VENICE, 1931 - The origins of Harry's Bar

At the end of the 1920s, Giuseppe Cipriani was a barman at the Hotel Europa in Venice. It was here that a young American, Harry Pickering, was staying with an aunt in Italy to cure his alcoholism. Following a quarrel, Harry finds himself alone in Venice, penniless. It was Giuseppe Cipriani who helped him get home by lending him money. A few years later, Pickering returned to Venice and repaid his debt: "Giuseppe, thank you, here's the money. In fact, to show my gratitude, I'll also add these: how much do you need to open a bar in society", at which point Giuseppe decided: "We'll call it Harry's Bar".


Cipriani red wine vinegar is made from Barbera grapes using a traditional process. It is matured for several months in oak barrels, adding to its harmonious, mild flavour.

Cipriani Aceto di Vino Rosso Non millésime 50cl
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