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Adega de Monção

Adega de Monção 2022

Vinho Verde - vr


Grape Variety

  • Alvarelhão
  • Pedral e Vinhão


The Adega Cooperativa Regional de Monção, CRL, was founded on October 11th 1958, by initiative of 25 wine growers. Situated in the Vinhos Verdes Demarcated Region, in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço, this region was recognized with the exclusive use of the designation "Vinho Verde Alvarinho".


Appearance : Bright Ruby-red

Aroma : Complex, slightly vinous and full bodied with aromas of wild berries.

Taste : Mouth coating well balanced of all its main elements (alcohol, acid and dry extract), full bodied and smooth texture.

Food & Wine Pairring : The perfect choise for red meat, and great with heavy traditional Portuguese cuisine ("Cozido à Portuguesa", Lamprey, "Rojões", grilled sardines). It should be served at about 14 C.

Degree: 12%°
Adega de Monção Adega de Monção Red 2022 75cl
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