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Escher Pro Restaurant

La Cave de Genève

Chardonnay - Clémence 2022

Genève - aoc


Grape Variety

  • Chardonnay


  • In french oak vats barrels


Chardonnay is notable for its elegance and a well-balanced framework built around volume and acidity.


Appearance: Yellow crystalline with golden redirections.

Aroma: Aromas typed with citrus and honey, supplemented by toasted and vanilla notes.

Palate: Round and rich with brioché notes and aromas of citrus. Its structure is ample and delicate. Its barricading gives it elegance and harmony. It distinguishes itself by a final length specific to great wines.

Food pairing: Suitable perfectly with fish, crustaceans and white meats.

Service: To serve between 10-12°C.

Potential of guard: Potential from 3 to 5 years.

Degree: 13.5%°
La Cave de Genève Chardonnay - Clémence White 2022 75cl
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