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Escher Pro Restaurant

Famille Sumeire

Rosé D'Azur 2023

Côtes de Provence - aop



Domaine Font-Freye, run by the Sumeire family since 1933, embodies a tradition of excellence in organic and biodynamic farming, with a strong commitment to respecting the terroir. They use environmentally-friendly methods such as horse-drawn ploughing, manual harvesting and massal grape selection. The Sumeire family, deeply attached to the land, perpetuates a heritage of passion and know-how, while innovating to meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture. Formerly known as Château La Tour de l'Evêque and Château La Tour Sainte Anne, their estate, rich in history, bears witness to centuries of commitment to quality and respect for nature, and was once home to royalty. In this way, Font-Freye remains a living legacy of Provence, combining tradition with respect for the environment.


Eye: Attractive Rosé color, frank and greedy.

Nose: Fragrant, floral with citrus notes.

Palate: Full-bodied, well-balanced wine.

Food pairing: A very pleasant aperitif, it goes perfectly with white meats, fish and shellfish, smoked salmon and Asian cuisine.

Serving temperature: 14°C

Degree: 13%°
Famille Sumeire Rosé D'Azur Rosé 2023 75cl
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