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Escher Pro Restaurant

Domaine des Curiades

3 Ours 2021

Côteau Lully - aoc


Grape Variety

  • Autres


  • 18 months in Oak


On the slope of Lully, the work of the vines has been punctuated by the seasons for centuries. Prestigious and knowledgeable owners, the Benedictine monks, then the Marquis de Coudrée in the 16th century, already produced wines of great reputation there.

Domaine des curiades, cultivated for over a hundred years in a family tradition of creativity and rigor, has long been part of the address books of the most demanding amateurs.


Originated from noble red grape varieties, this wine is vinified according to the Amarona tradition. The grapes are picked at maturity and then dried 2 to 3 weeks before a long brood followed by a barreling of 18 months. Powerful, velvety and complex, developing aromas of ripe fruits, this wine has a very high holding potential: 8 to 15 years.

Degree: 16.5%°
Domaine des Curiades La Cuvée des 3 Ours 1er Cru Red 2021 75cl
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